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Dear Infinite flight community,

I was thinking about this for a while and I’ve always wanted a custom Profile picture for myself. I’m just getting tired of getting random pictures off the internet and placing it as my profile picture. All I want is a permeant or Temporary Profile picture BUT it’s ACTUALLY mine. I wanted maybe a Cartoon version of myself as a Pilot in my profile picture. Since this is a very helpful community, I wanted to ask if anyone is a designer that can get me a custom profile picture completely free? Afterwards I will credit and thank you for my PFP so it wouldn’t seem like I just made it! Listed below are great examples as of what I’m talking about! Thank you for your time!

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@Captain_Ian ;)

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I believe there is a thread where can ask people to make one ;)

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This is why I love this community! Quick and very helpful responses for someone in need!

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Glad I could help you 🤗

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Fun fact I drew my PFP :)


Can you draw me a Custom PFP?

Dan: That will cost $100

Me: 😭

You did?!

Sure did!

@Captain_Ian hopefully your question has been answered above!👆🏼


Omg they grow up so fast 🤧