Persistent weather problems

I’ve been getting winds aloft weather since the last 3 days in the expert server, is it just me or the weather database is actually down for everyone?

I’ve been getting it a lot too, but it always reconnects fairly quickly.

For me, the weather did not reconnect at all, it was just red for the whole time during my last three flights… (Johannesburg --> Cape Town, Sydney --> Perth, Sydney --> Auckland)

Have you tried restarting your device

I did, that didn’t do anything for me

You could try deleting and reinstalling the app, but you’ll lose your replays

That will not resolve it. Weather issues generally occur from the source Infinite Flight gets their data from

I guess I’m wrong then, but shouldn’t it be a problem for everybody if that is the case?

Only if that’s what the real issue is. Sometimes is the internet connection

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Connected to a VPN, that solved the issue, but this has never happened to me before until 3 days ago.

I’ve had this issue a lot as well - but it usually comes back after a few seconds

I’ve had the same issue but my API also goes yellow saying slow response times. That doesn’t go away. Sometimes fixes and then breaks, doesn’t effect my flight tho

Now apperently my weather only works if I’m using a VPN, otherwise it’s winds aloft weather connection all the way… Must be my internet then

Me too, the probleme appears more frequently than before

Maybe you have a restriction (like a proxy) at the moment of connecting to the internet?

That could be the smoking gun… Now I gotta figure out how to bypass that

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With a VPN.

In some countries, legal restrictions apply, CAUTION

I tested in the training server flying a C-130 from Edwards AFB to LAX and it worked, but it’s quite bothersome now having to constantly get a VPN running just to play IF… Hm

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Yeah, understand…

In what country do you live?