Perpetual low visibility at VABB

Every time I’ve flown into/out of this airport visibility is no more than a couple of hundred feet, barely at minimums?

I understand it’s a polluted city but a lot of cities are and don’t have this issue.

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You’ll find low visibility not just at VABB but VIDP, VAAH etc mainly because it is mostly smoky… Delhi (VIDP) is notoriously famous for that :( even if you check weather on your iPhone you’ll find that the weather is “smoke” always.


As of right now I’m looking out of my window and it’s pouring rain to high heaven. And it stays that way for at least four months out of the year - aka the monsoon season. So yeah. Visibility is crazy low at that time. That’s probably what you’re experiencing now.

Also the area immediately around the airport is basically a concrete jungle and/or slums, where garbage is often burned openly, which isn’t very good for cleaning the air, as you can imagine. So this results in the visibility being alternatively good and bad in “pockets.” Overall, it’s safer to label it all below VFR minima than to say “hey, why don’t you take a chance with a visibility pocket.”

Visibility in VABB usually goes up to 3km, on a good day perhaps 4.5km.


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