Perparing for practical / Axios00's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Greetings! This is my ATC Tracking Thread. I’m preparing for IFATC. (passed written test) Any feedbacks are welcomed!





Landing : 25L/R
Departing : 25L/R, 20

  • Any traffic like Transition, Departure, Inbound, Pattern flights are fully welcomed.
  • When requesting takeoff, please use ‘remaining in pattern’ if U intend to do pattern work.
  • If not, please file a flight plan in advance and use appropriate departure requests(south, north etc…)
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Things went mostly without a hitch, congrats about that. Especially when I asked to change frequency when you already asked me to, you knew the best reply.

One thing that I feel that you can improve on is when pilots make unnecessary reports during pattern work when they’re already cleared to land. Instead of replying with “Roger”, I think you can use the “alr clr to land” reply so that at least they learn to not keep reporting their position when they’re already cleared to land.

It was a great flight, hope to see you around soon!

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Roger! Thanks for flying and the tip!!

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I’m gonna come wait 2 sec

Thanks! Standing by!!!

I did ‘alr clr to land’ bcuz u did position report after I gave landing clearance. Or was I wrong bcuz the landing sequence was changed? If I was wrong, I’m very sorry…

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No it’s ok but when you extend downwind it’s ok if Pilot say you there position because this reminds you were they are. Everything was ok, and when the other plane was landing you can say me to Slow down a little bit so the other don’t have to stress and go more faster.
So yeah everything was good !
Have a great day/night

Oh roger that.
Thanks for stopping by and the tips!

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And try to StUdY a lot Pattern because you will have a lot of that in the Written exam

No it isn’t. In busy traffic if many aircraft report their position it can increase a controllers workload unnecessarily. You don’t need to report your position all the time, as the controller can see you. You should only report your position if you’re letting the controller know that you’re full stopping, or you’re really convinced he has forgotten about you or something is wrong


Yeah but now he was not busy at WSSS ;)

open at WSSS!!

Just a small tip open in small airports not busy ones because then you wouldn’t get as many trolls as you get in an airport like KJFK try and airport like EGKK

open at YSSY

open at WSSS

open at WSSS

Plz check Active RWY

How long will you be open for? I may come and do some after dinner patterns in a 172 :)

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at least an hour I guess?

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That was fantastic, thanks :) managed to do 10 circuits before my fuel ran into the red haha. No real feedback that I could come up with to be honest! Good luck with your exam and see ya next time!

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