"Permission to buzz tower"

Well, no description is required, but a few special mentions…
@CompetitiveDivide320 was the ATC
@IFATCLee3440 thanks for the permission

Now for the details:
Server: Expert
Route: Haneda to Shinjuku
Aircraft: F18E


Denied Maverick. Report to the Admiral for dismissal from the Navy.


Great photo! Love the light editing you’ve done as well.
Have a great rest of your day.

~ Ben


I have so many questions

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Well in the movie the admiral sent me to the north island. lol

thanks, you too have a great day ahead!

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list them all, i am ready to answer them

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Bruh what?


“Only the ones who dare shall earn”

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You’re on the IFATC Watchlist now! Good day.

  • Controller POGGERS
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My dream has turned into a reality, thanks for the honors!

An awesome photo! Good thing you got the permission so we could get this great photo.

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All thanks to the controllers I tagged above! Thanks for the comments, glad you like this pic!

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This is not a good thing that you are on our watchlist…

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There’s a thing or two about sarcasm lol