[PERMANENTLY CLOSED] YPPH - Perth Intl Intl - T/O 21 - Landing 21 & 24 - TS1 - Jaquille Bell - Training ATC Thread

G’day Guys and Gals, this is my thread for when I operate ATC. I would love critical feedback so that I can develop and learn from my mistakes. I hope to only get better. Please contact me via PM if you’d like to operate approach or other frequency relevant to the Airport that I’ll be operating on. Please only serious players. It’s appreciated.

Again, please give me feedback!! :) one day I’m looking at passing the PRACTICAL test for IFATC.

My name’s Jaquille_Ajb on IF. Call sign is usually VH-JAB.

Cheers fellas. Hope to see you in the air or on the ground.

Jaquille (Jack) Bell


I am on my way, so see you there!

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Ok, I’ll come and see if I can spot any mistakes

How long will you be controlling for? I might be able to come along.

Ok, I was Shamrock 982 so you know. I just did a quick takeoff and then ended, so I probably wasn’t there enough to spot any mistakes, but you did quite well. No mistakes from what I saw, so keep it up!

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Sorry about my crap flying today, I know I can do much better! Thanks for the service provided.

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Hey Mate!

Don’t forget to put CLOSED in your title to avoid confusion.

Okay! Happy New Year My Friend!


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A moderator can close this cheers.

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