[Permanently Closed] RTG113 IFATC Practice @ N/A (TS1)

Thank you all for helping me on my journey to becoming IFATC!


@Stef_Smet I just realized you said you were on downwind for full stop, yet I accidentally cleared you for the option and to make left traffic again. Apologies!

That’s just a minor thing. Ok it was very quiet but I think you got the hang of it. Next time I will come over when you’re controlling. See you soon!

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Now open! Refer to the original post for details.

Civil Air Patrol 208 is on its way!

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Server issues have apparently been resolved

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Yes, I see you now :)

Ill be back but I want to go see if you can see my house (Should be big enough… xD)

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You did great… My performance was bad. (I stalled in a C17 aswell as messed up the pattern) :|

I would love to see you again when I can actually fly…

IFATC - Jack

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ATC is now closed. Thanks for all who came!

My flying was wAaaaaaay off today… I blame the crosswinds and the fact that I had never flown in either of those planes before… I was Delta 127 and N2744J.

Sorry about landing on the wrong runway! I totally skipped over the “15L” thing… just assumed I was staying on the same runway. My bad. Then when I landed, there was literally no way to taxi to 15L so I gave up haha.

Maybe when my brain is working and there’s less of a crosswind, I’ll come out and fly with you again. I promise I’m not awful!

As far as your controlling, good job. The commands were spot on. My flying was not. Keep up the good work!

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If anyone has ideas for an airport they’d like to see me open up, let me know!

No worries! Thank you for coming, and don’t worry I definitely can’t fly in crosswinds either LOL

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When I was in the 767 (an unfamiliar aircraft), I had a 17kt crosswind that was perfectly perpendicular to my flight path. I had nooooo idea how to handle it lol. Same with the 172…

In real life when I fly my 172, I have no problem with 17kt crosswinds. Some of my best landings were during heavy crosswinds. But I don’t understand how to compensate for it on IF…

Oh well!

Request: In the future, TNCM would be a good airport for you. Aswell as KISP (When its less windy)

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Currently open at LXGB (Gibraltar). Come on down for some exciting pattern work, or come in/fly out to anywhere else. Feedback is appreciated!

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The sun is setting now so it’s beautiful, you don’t want to miss it!

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Now closed. Thanks for coming out everyone!

I did one pattern as Brickyard 27. Great job. There was another plane that had to back taxi to take off as I was turning to final. It was close but you had it worked out! Don’t be afraid to extend me downwind and call my base next time. People should understand, especially on runways that require back taxi. Great job and good luck!

Great choice on LXGB, too. My first time flying there. Very scenic on global!

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Thank you for the feedback! Glad you liked it.