PERMANENTLY CLOSED | IFATC Practice Tracking Thread

Live ATC open now at KSSC (Shaw AFB) TS1. Come by and say hello and fly some patterns! Feedback always appreciated.


Now open at Miami Training Server 1. Come fly some patterns and test me. Feedback always appreciated!

Comingggg in a min :D

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Ok, no worries, see you there!

Thanks to the IFATC member that came by and flew a couple of patterns. Not sure who you where though. Would love some feedback please!

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Ok, here’s some feedback:

  1. You sent that’s on-guard message way too early and it wasn’t really necessary. They still were not in your airspace and they most likely would have contacted Tower in a few NM. Only tell them to contact you when they’re actually in your airspace, indicated by the blue rings on your map.

  2. You used ‘I’ll call your base’ unnecessarily. I was the only person in the pattern on that runway and there’s were no departures that you needed to make space for. Only use extend downwind and I’ll call your base when you have departures needing expedited.

  3. Since I was the only person in the pattern on that runway, you could have given me clearance much earlier. When I’m on 1-2nm final, that’s way too late to issue clearance. Issue clearance 3nm or further away, and especially when I’m the only person in the pattern, you can clear me almost immediately after I take off.

  4. Going back to the person you sent the on-guard message to, you shouldn’t really issue a clearance to land immediately after they call inbound. Because they were pretty much approaching runway heading, say: ‘enter straight in runway XX’ and sequence if necessary.

  5. Whenever using ‘I’ll call your base, use the ‘turn base’ command rather than ‘enter base runway XX’.

  6. You said to me to enter the downwind after the enter base command, which is incorrect. You only need to issue a enter base command and then the aircraft will turn themselves. The turn after the base is called the ‘final’ and not a downwind. Here’s a helpful diagram:

  7. When I said ‘left downwind, full stop’, it’s better to issue a cleared to land rather than cleared for the option. It’s not necessary, but keep this in mind.

Practise makes perfect. Good luck. On a final note, I highly recommend you watch these videos:


What’s your feedback @Sal
Thanks @jcast86 still practicing to hopefully one day become IFATC

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Good work with the ATC, really bad piloting xD

Although, there were a few errors.

You told me to enter right downwind 09 before I completed my touch n go. Although, it was already implied for me to make right traffic. Kinda got me mixed up because I was about to land and then you said enter right downwind, so I thought you wanted me to abort or something, but then you cleared me.

Also, I was wondering why you were calling my base.

Good luck then! Feel free to ask anymore questions if you have any.

I’m not sure if you have time but am about to re-open at another airport if you want to come by. Thanks for your feedback as well. @jcast86

Opening back up @KMIA TS1! Come fly some patterns. I’m practicing for IFATC!

I’ll join! Sorry, I won’t be able to give feedback as I am short on time!

Ok, no worries. If you are free later feel free to give feedback, but it doesn’t matter.

Where did you go , don’t see you ?

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Closed now! Had to leave! Will be on tomorrow. I can PM when I’m on if you want.

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Open now @KMCO. Come by and fly some patterns if you want. Feedback is always appreciated.

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Thanks to @DylanIE for coming by!

Open now at Toronto (CYYZ). Hope to see you there!

Well guess I’ll come and see how you go :)

Ok, awesome! Thanks mate!