Permanently banned from expert?

It’s also clearly stated… more than 15 all time ghostings = permanently ghosted. The key is all-time.

As far as I’m aware a reporting on expert leads to an immediate ghosting. If this is later taken off for whatever reason the report disappears from your record completely.

  1. It is best you pm a moderator/staff about this issue
  2. The user may not be the same one, they may just have the same name, hence the 15 ghosts claim may not be valid
  3. You/him may have a bad internet connection/device causing not all planes to show up

Anyways, look over the points I mentioned, especially the first one. Thanks!

  1. Is it likely a mod will come across this anyway? I did PM a mod at the time the incident did happen but nothing was done - wouldn’t want to increase their workload now if nothing can be done + might get done for spamming them.

  2. The name on that thread created in Jan 18 + callsign mentioned correlates perfectly with the one in the screenshot, highly doubt it’s somebody else/a coincidence

  3. I see your point but again I think it’s highly unlikely to be frank

Look, I gave you a couple reasons why he might have been back on expert or why he passed right through you. @Matthew_Chan basically gave you the same answer summarized in a beautiful list.

You keep arguing every point we present you. I think best solution would be for you as Mathew also suggested to text a moderator (just write a PM to @ moderators). They are able to check some user stats and assist you with your question. 😊

Have a good day!

Sorry if you feel I’m arguing. It’s not the case at all.

Apart from my response to your point about poor connection which I just personally don’t agree with + think it’d be way too much of a coincidence… every other response to what you have stated has been fact.

Sorry for correcting you but if you state something incorrect I’ll try correct it for your own and other users benefit. Likewise if I’ve stated something incorrect, or even think a correction I’ve made is incorrect you should put that straight for mine and other users benefit. Nothing wrong with that bud

Not according to this?

Its a confusing issue, and one that I absolutely wouldn’t worry myself about.

Reports and violations never disappear, unless they are removed they stay forever, they just grow older and so no longer restrict your grade.

Incorrect. A report is the same as a ghosting. They are just different terminologies used in the app vs the forum.

Also incorrect. The user won’t be allowed onto the Expert Server after they have received a 16th ghosting ALL-TIME. They are banned for ever. The ghosts do not disappear in this case.

I’m not entirely sure why you are making it look like @n587kk is arguing with you, he’s genuinely asking a question and you’re replying with ‘maybe’s and ‘perhaps’s. It’s clearly the same user, and a connection issue excuse is weak as the user is known for breaking the rules. The only way to check for sure if the user should be on Expert is to check with a Mod.


Ok, wait: That would mean that if I report a fellow pilot on Expert, it would automatically result in a ghost. I can’t imagine this is true. I thought that at least 3 reports on the same flight were necessary to result in a ghost. Otherwise that would mean that every user can ghost another user. Wouldn’t make a lot of sense, would it? Maybe I’m wrong here, that could be entirely possible.

And regarding that:

Maybe I used the wrong word. I should have used “questioning” instead of “arguing”. My apologies @n587kk 😊

The report button doesn’t do anything at the moment. It was removed because of abuse.


Yeah the report button has been used for a long time, pnly IFATC, Mods & Staff have the ability to ghost someone.

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@Benjwri is correct in that the ‘report’ button you’re referring to doesn’t do anything at all now

The reporting I have been referring to is when ATC or mods/staff report you in-game leading you to be ghosted from that session (you basically disappear from the map for everybody else) and you are then banned from accessing expert for 7 days

There we go, misunderstandings can happen, no hard feelings 😊

I suppose its reliable enough both seem to have pretty good internet conectionto live server. if there’s a connection issue either he’ll not be able to any plane. or that plane going through would not be visible.

All of this user’s ghosts are from 2015 to December of 2017. At this point they’d no longer fall within that restrictive limit of 15 or more within a two year period and he could still gain access.


Ah ok I kind of see what you are saying

I thought permanent would have meant permanent/forever based on what I read from the thread: (having difficulty quoting it so I’ve screenshotted instead)


Thanks for getting back to me anyway! Much appreciated

There was an update made and I think the linked post was the older update.

This is the link to the updated one in Announcements

All changes I announced in the comment did make it in the actual topic as an edit so it is the most current info:

December 17


January 18


We’re currently setup for the two year period and I’ll annlimce if that changes. Thanks!

Ahh I see. I was a bit confused as to where the ‘within the past 12 + 24 months’ addition was coming from but makes sense now

Thanks for all your responses. Happy flying!

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