Permanent Game Crashes

upload diagnostic button go brr

Man’s acting like a developer when all he has is a log button

In regards to the issue, to provide some actual information, it currently only seems to be affecting iOS devices that have 4GB Ram and under. This is basically every device that is not a Pro device, with the exception of the M1 iPad Air. The issue is indeed under investigation, however we haven’t been able to locate the source. Suspicions are that the issue is a memory leak, though I’m sure the actual developers will keep you updated, and I urge you to pay attention to the information provided by the accurate sources ☺️



I’ve been the one working this together with Cameron so far.
The current status of things is that we’ve sent out a version of Infinite Flight with enhanced logging to a few users, users that we’ve been able to to determine should not have these issues (as they have fairly powerful devices, are experiencing the same issue regardless of graphics setting etc etc).

Earlier, we’ve tried finding the root cause via the iOS diagnostic files… unfortunately they’ve provided us with zero amounts of useful information. Additionally, we have have an “automatic” crash log system in the app but it haven’t generated anything either. What’s even more confusing for us, is that the reports about this started to pop in mid-cycle. That means that users started to experience this without us changing anything. No updated or hotfixes were pushed around the same time reports started to drop in.


We’re working on it. But we don’t have any great news to share yet, which sucks. I personally think this is a massive pain being the “support guy” and being unable to provide any useful steps to help or provide any simple solutions… We hope that the diagnostics we’ll get from the users currently on the special version will help.


Doesnt work

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