Permanent Game Crashes

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I have had the same issue, however on a newer device. Currently, some users who have been affected by this (including me) are working with the developers to identify the cause of this issue. This is exclusively it seems with IOS devices (at least from what I have seen).

I would recommend if this issue persists, reaching out for further instructions. At the moment, it does not seem to have a diagnosis, and it does not seem to have an effective solution - at least from what I have heard and personal experience but I might be wrong.

Hope this answers some questions. :)


Just had the same exact issue, 6 mile final and have been cleared to land and all of a sudden…I’m looking at my screensaver. I use the iPad Air (4th gen) and cleared all settings and cache. Not sure how to enjoy the long hauls when I can’t complete the flight. Any recommendations are well needed.

Just throwing it out there… don’t expect a lot from an 8 year old device. Of course you can try the suggestions above, however, if they don’t help, its simply because your device is getting outdated.

I think it will be useless to make you hope for an improvement, your device no longer has the minimum performance required to run IF with graphics at minimum. I advise you to find another if you want.

Because your device was released in 2014, it’s unfortunate but you have to think about replacing it with another one.

Big mistake there bro. I use this device and i will tell you it copes alright. Rendering quality- medium…
3d object Density- high…
Rendering Resolution- high…
Texture Quality high.
frame rate- 30fps. I fly with settings on a regular bases. Make sure you enough space on your ipad. Turn down your setting as soon you reach cruise. Am flying from LPMA- EHAM right now. Air 2 is fine device, very lite to hold. Old now, but still going. Will replace it when i time comes though.

I point out to you that there are different models of this tablet that have come out, which says different models also says different configurations so stop thinking that your device is the same as for him. And if you want to insist, explain to him why you manage to use IF correctly and not him since ‘‘it’s the same model’’ according to you.

iPad Air generation 3, iOS 15.5 here.

I’ve gotten so many crashes to the point that I can’t count. My most recent one was the last time I flew on short final two days ago. I’ve noticed that keeping it on charge would reduce the number of crashes; but some still persist, especially on long flights. It makes me feel furious and annoyed that my 16-hour flight crashes two minutes before descent, and this hasn’t happened for the first time. All my settings are high, but seeing other people with same problem at lower settings, I assume it will not work. I honestly hope a solution will come out in due time, but for now, I have to keep my flights short or keep it on charge. I’ve complained about this a few times already.

Late April

iPad Crashing Problem - #9 by Rolls

I wasn’t just reply to comment, i know he will eventually read it. Am not saying the air2 is perfect, its not. Crashes just like other ipads, but a fine tablet.

I’m super annoyed as well. Especially when you know the landing was gonna be buttery smh. Guess these are the pains we have to live with for now.

For all those who didn’t see, the team is aware of this, and for now it would be appropriate that we give them some patience. As one of the users who are apart of the group of users who are searching for this specific issue, it’s gonna take a minute. We are currently being supplied with a build by Cameron that is going to help locate these bugs when they happen, and help us communicate them to the developers. However, keep in mind some of these crashes may be related to hardware and other factors.

Have a nice evening everyone, and if anyone has any questions I encourage you to reach out here so other users or I could answer them to the best of our ability. I personally am trying to get as much time in on the sim to search for this, since I know it is infuriating to not complete a flight. Hang in there everyone! :)

I’d be intrigued to know your extensive range of knowledge and information on the Apple side of crashes by how it relates to Infinite Flight’s errors and logs, as well as how often your supplied builds are being received to asisst in solving these ‘bug squashing’ times - ensuring progress both sides is best for a problem to be solved. :)


I ain’t a Apple Developer, but I have had this issue enough and seen the consistency with other users to make a prediction. I don’t know a lot in regard to the backends of Infinite Flight, however I am a user affected by this to some extent, and if you want proof of the build supplied I will be happy to do so. :)

I mentioned here that I could answer to the best of my ability, which correct me if I am wrong implies I do not know everything. :) I get what you are saying and sorry if it made me sound that way, haha. I am not as knowledgeable as you are my friend! :) Just trying to help out.

I’m glad everyone is having the same issue as me… I have an iPhone 13 and ever since the latest update once i’ve been cleared to land bang i’m on my home screen and IF has just crashed. Has happened twice now

The hotfix brought a lot of issues than it fixed. Non stop crashes on final, takeoffs and descent so I have taken a self imposed break for a while. Hoping all would be resolved soon.


How can we become apart of the team that test for these types of bugs?

upload diagnostic button go brr

Man’s acting like a developer when all he has is a log button

In regards to the issue, to provide some actual information, it currently only seems to be affecting iOS devices that have 4GB Ram and under. This is basically every device that is not a Pro device, with the exception of the M1 iPad Air. The issue is indeed under investigation, however we haven’t been able to locate the source. Suspicions are that the issue is a memory leak, though I’m sure the actual developers will keep you updated, and I urge you to pay attention to the information provided by the accurate sources ☺️



I’ve been the one working this together with Cameron so far.
The current status of things is that we’ve sent out a version of Infinite Flight with enhanced logging to a few users, users that we’ve been able to to determine should not have these issues (as they have fairly powerful devices, are experiencing the same issue regardless of graphics setting etc etc).

Earlier, we’ve tried finding the root cause via the iOS diagnostic files… unfortunately they’ve provided us with zero amounts of useful information. Additionally, we have have an “automatic” crash log system in the app but it haven’t generated anything either. What’s even more confusing for us, is that the reports about this started to pop in mid-cycle. That means that users started to experience this without us changing anything. No updated or hotfixes were pushed around the same time reports started to drop in.


We’re working on it. But we don’t have any great news to share yet, which sucks. I personally think this is a massive pain being the “support guy” and being unable to provide any useful steps to help or provide any simple solutions… We hope that the diagnostics we’ll get from the users currently on the special version will help.


Doesnt work

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