Permanent Flight Restriction Surrounding KNUC

This flight restriction would only allow pilots using military aircraft into KNUC. For example, any pilot who attempts to fly an American 737-800 will be ghosted for the remainder of the session, and will not lose a grade. You will only be able to spawn there in a US military aircraft. Although this may take the fun out of messing around KNUC, I think this will spread pilots on the Playground server around, and keep the swarms away from KNUC.

  • This is a great idea!
  • I guess it’s alright…
  • It sucks! It should never be implemented!

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I support this!


Restriction should just be on Advanced for community members to have realism. PG could have it because they’re just learning.


@Maxmustang as a retired pilot, I want to hear your opinion on this.

But only when ATC is active will it be disabled. I have seen mayhem on advanced after a controller leaves…

In my opinion, KNUC should be used only by military aircraft.
But people payed for IF, and for the Live subscription too, so they have every right to use KNUC as they please.


I dont agree with this, since there isnt many IRL life routes, everyone ( i mean everyone) has some point flown non realistically so im not sure why they would want this. KNUC is a very fun to fly but yes if global flight is added then yes i support you


As others have said, this should be implemented on advanced only


It’s not a problem in advanced though

why isnt it? ATC opens at KNUC and non military aircrafts land on it.

I’m just talking about like at PG it’s constant traffic but only sometimes people are at KNUC on advanced

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I honestly dont see a difference, yes less people fly on advanced for some reason but if its a FNF or just really busy its like PG but more organized. Still the same aircraft landing

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This feature would add realism but would also make KNUC more inactive. Many people won’t like the idea and start staying away from the airport.


Yeah, but in my opinion, it doesn’t have to be yours, I think it should be restricted on PG too to diversify where the traffic goes on SoCal instead of it being mainly KLAX and KNUC.


Yea but it brings up my first point, where can anyone go realistically in So-Cal in any aircraft. No where, but its semi realistic there is airport violations if you land at an airport that can support it.

edit: i meant in any aircraft there are some, KLAX-KSAN in a 737 but thats it (basically)


If it’s an FNF it doesn’t matter too much. For normal flights I disagree with this

I understand that but I personally think it should be restricted, I don’t get offended for you thinking other wise so I guess we will just have to see if it will be restricted.😉👍

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I fully support restricting non-military IF aircraft from operating at KNUC and in or near the designated airspace of any US Government Designated Sensitive facility or any US Military Aerodrome or associated facility which have been declared sensitive or restricts civil operations by FAA regulation or NOTAM. Realism must be the foundation of this simulator. Introducing non-real word accomadationd to any element is heresy. I railed against the use of KNUC for years on this forum. It’s unrealilistic. I know this field intimately and understand it sensitivity and the rational for its civil flight restrictions. The following extract from Wiki supports my argument to restrict KNUC to IF military aircraft only:

Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NALF) San Clemente Island (ICAO: KNUC, FAA LID: NUC), also known as Frederick Sherman Field, is a military airport located on San Clemente Island, in Los Angeles County, California, USA. It has been owned by the United States Navy since 1937, but came into its current importance during the past decade. It is the Navy’s only remaining live fire range. San Clemente is the southernmost Channel Island, covering 57 square miles (150 km²). The island is approximately 21 nmi (39 km) long and is 4.5 nmi (8 km) across at its widest point. It lies 55 nmi (102 km) south of Long Beach and 68 nmi (130 km) west of San Diego, California.The primary range covers over 149,000 square miles (386,000 km²) and is the Navy’s busiest Fleet airspace. Also included in this training area are two mine exercise areas, the Southern California Anti-Submarine Warfare Range, seven submarine areas, the shallow water Undersea Training Range, and two laser training ranges. In total, SCI is a unique combination of airfields, airspace and ranges unlike any other facility owned by the Navy. It is the only location in the Pacific where surface ships, submarines, aircraft and Navy expeditionary forces can train in all warfare areas simultaneously using shore gunnery, bombardment, air defense, anti sub and electronic warfare

(KNUC NOTAM: Civil aircraft prohibited w/o prior approval/authority)


Take up the 172 or SR22 and go exploring

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I use the A-10 to explore quite fun and slow and it works at KNUC (fighter jet).