Permanent expert server advisory **NOTAMS**

Hi everyone
So when we have events like FNF we get a message pop up giving an advisory notice. warning us of the event and notams in place or instructions to check the forum, before entering the load screen. Hopefully most read this notice and make life a little easier for controllers

Now is it possible to have that same pop up appear at all times again in bigger bolder letters for all to see expert server serious users only

Maybe a link to the forum and encouragement if not compulsory to be a registered member of this community.

not so anyone can be slated for not knowing correct procedures but to steer and remind users that the training server is the place to learn and expert is the place to demonstrate skill and knowledge #crawlingb4Walking. yes accidents happen to us all but if we as a community can come together for the greater good giving educational direction for what us serious users get from this simulator

I think we could capture the growing number of none serious users and reposition there thought process .

Yes some will say just ghost em . And yes okay . But that takes up valuable time for a controller because he has to declare the correct reasoning for the Ghosting

I think if we can set up something very very simular to the ATCEG only this would be called IFFEG " INFINITE FLIGHT FOCUSED EDUCATION GROUP "

FOCUSED on educating all members of infinite flight that wish to fly on expert any user would welcome be to join us prior to passing a basic airfield operations test so we can quickly assess there knowledge of aviation
And group accordingly.

We need to Express that there’s so much pleasure and enjoyment to be had from being part of growth in properly educated community members

I’m not sure of this could be implemented on an official scale but I’m very interested in exploring my idea with the powers that be

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