Permanent Current Time For Expert Server

I love realism so having this doesn’t allow me to fly a real flight in the real time it flys which I’m not a fan of. Like the idea but for me it doesn’t work out.

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@AviationReports huh? You love realism, but this wouldn’t allow you to fly a real flight in real time which you’re not a fan of? 🙃🙃🙃

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I see your point, but I’m not a big fan of this idea. And here is why:

Personally, I love realism. That’s why I fly with current time most of the time. However, there are two situations where I don’t use it for practical reasons:

  1. Nighttime taxiing
  2. Overnight flights while I’m asleep

Now, point 1 is because there is an important feature still missing in Infinite Flight: Better lightning. We don’t have ground illuminating landing lights, nor do we have taxiway lights. It’s almost impossible to see where you’re taxing at night, and that would be just chaotic, in my opinion.

For point two, it’s simple as well: Whenever I fly on a long haul overnight while I’m asleep, I always set the time in a way that it’s always nighttime during the flight. The reason I do that is a) to save battery life because the screen gets even darker, and b) to keep my room dark. Even with minimum brightness settings, the daylight of IF would still illuminate my room. That’s why I set the time to night, so it’s dark.

I don’t think it would be convenient forcing users to use the real time. It’s all about how you like it. And most importantly: The time you choose doesn’t affect other users. Those who want to fly with a realistic time can do so, but those who don’t, they don’t have to.



Great point.

As others may have said, this post may be a little ahead of its time seeing how we don’t have the upgraded lighting update.

Your other point makes sense. I’m not sure if you use a tablet, and if that tablet is running Ios. If it is, then a way I have got around the screen brightness issue at night is to turn down white point. Its a accessibility feature. It might not completely fix the issue, but it has helped me.

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If I’m doing a long haul from AMS-ORD, for example, and I depart at 10pm at night my time, it’s 3 in the morning in Amsterdam and not 12:25pm.

Also, expert server is most for realism unlike other servers so I think people might be more upset that it would be in expert.

I don’t really see this happening in the future. If users want to fly on current time they have the option to do so. By making it a permanent time of which you can’t switch takes away the freedom in being able to fly at your preference of time. The current time feature is there for a reason and people can use it instead of having a whole server be on current time because some others may not like to fly at night. I like flying at different times when it’s either current time or choosing my time I want to fly at. If you want to be professional with your flights, the current time feature is always there. 🙂

@Asher I think people will get used to it. Just like how many people don’t like change. With time I think people would appreciate it. May be a few bumps in the road, with the biggest one being night lighting.

Yes a whole server would be on current time but a “whole” 2 servers would not. The freedom part of your statement makes me suggest if you don’t want to be caught in a night event, then stay on training.

Say there is a big influx of people who move to training server because of the new permanent time, I would hope that would mean that training server goes back to training and not a glorified casual. But I’m getting off point here.

100% sure there will be some protests, but with time and as the dust settles, people will see it as the new normal and continue on with their flight simming adventures like nothing happened.

that does not make any sense. the schedules being different from one place of the globe to another. it is almost impossible technically and would make no sense from a point of view approaching the real.
if you leave polynesie for example you can not have the same characteristic as if you leave at the same time from Paris or even los angeles. to do this it would have been necessary for the world to turn on the same uniqie schedule

@Jean-Marc_Koumaya So if the schedules are the problem, what is keeping anyone from making new schedules that match the time of day? For Americans, that would mean any event outside the US would mean either a early morning, late night flight. Or middle of the night.

An improved schedule would take into account how many times a certain region has had to participate in the middle of the night (local to the sim, not actually the middle of the night).

And what do you mean by same characteristics if someone leaves Polynesia, vs Paris or Los Angeles? I’m lost.

yes it could be an option but not something general. on the expert server I want to keep the possibility to fly in real time.
As for the schedule in Polynesia, Los Angeles or Paris, to explain that the all-weather sun around the earth is round, one can not have the day at the same time in Polynesia in Los Angeles and Paris.

That’s not his feature request, his feature request is that you are obligated to set your time in current time.
When you’re in a flight, and you go to the 3 little lines in the bottom right corner, and then go to time, you can choose wether it will be 1AM, 8PM, … or current time.
With the request above you will be obligated to set your time as current time. So, it will not be the same time in Los Angeles and Paris because the current time is the time where your plane is located.

I hope you can understand me.

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I have not understood anything but it is not serious if changes must take place I will see how to adapt

As @Kate_Russell said, not every airport in the game is going to get lighting. And with the vast amount of regional airports that people fly to you still won’t be able to see anything at night. Besides, the pilots who change the time to daylight are the only ones who can see the change. Keep your time set to current time and you’ll be all set. 👍🏻

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We would need proper lighting (for most airports). I would rather not fly into an unlit airport as of now. People have their preference of approaching in whatever time, and I think it works fine right now.

I’d actually say generally no, for example the London to Pittsburgh flight is one I like to fly frequently, but it takes off while I’m in school. Now usually I set the game time so I take off, and land at a realistic time on both ends, eaven though I do both about three hours before they happen. People who want to be realistic can be. I mean frankly do you mind if the person next to you is at 3am, or noon in his/her game? No, it really doesn’t effect anyone but themselves, and they may have multiple, and not obvious reasons for why they want that time…


I don’t like this because if I wanted to fly at a different time then the real world time I would have to go to ts or casual. I don’t want to do that because then you are stuck with all the trolls and noobs.

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@KPIT great point. Understandably some people would be inconvenienced by that for sure.

For the folks who fly at daytime, it would not be a issue if they flew in their current daytime region, but of course that is not always the case. I like to use Infinite Flight during the evening so I probably would force myself to discover other regions in the world I usually would not play in. That’s if I choose to do so on Expert server.

I’m curious as to how many people only fly on expert, verses flying on expert when there is a event going on.

Great point.

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We tried guys 😅

I doubt this will ever happen. But I would assume the vast majority would adapt. It would only be on expert server.

I frequently fly to KCRW which basically sits on a mountain. If there are minimal lights at night then I am screwed.


@Kate_Russell question, do you only fly on expert server? I really only use expert if there will be IFATC at a airport that I would like to fly to. Other than that, I find myself on training if I am just doing my own thing. Curious to know.