Permanent Current Time For Expert Server

@TaipeiGuru Great point you’ve made. I guess coming from my standpoint. Majority of my flights are in North America. So on expert if active ATC is not in the States, Mexico, or Canada, well the airspace is pretty much a dead zone. Most the time I do flights I can sit and monitor the whole way through so I don’t do much long-haul. But as of lately I am.

So comparing servers, even with the foolishness that happens at LAX,SFO,& EGLL my experience isn’t me just flying with no one around for 800nm so It tends to me a more lively server. Which is why, for me, flying on Training isn’t the end all be all.

Many of us fly for different reasons, and say If I know I want to fly into LAX, it will be 100% on expert. But if there is not an event, then I’m on training JUST so I can at-least wave to someone as we cross paths in the air. Weird? Oh I know.

Who knows, if this lighting update is the real deal, and If this thread stays open long enough, people may change their minds 🤞🏾

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