Permanent Current Time For Expert Server

Edit: Removed the poll because there is a way to vote since this is on the Features forum.

I have a feature that may possibly become a unpopular opinion.

With the rumors of improved night lighting (taxiway, aircraft ground lighting, & possibility city lighting), I would like to recommend a permanent current time effect for the expert server.

Expert is where you truly get the best professional environment of Infinite Flight. With that, a way to add to that environment would be to have everyone on the same visual reference. The same way we are all on the same weather reference.

Only for expert server. If you wish to continue flying lax at noon 2am pacific time? Go to training or casual.

I would like to hear the Infinite Flight’s Community opinion on this feature request. Only if the taxiway and aircraft ground lighting turns out to be a real feature.

Well the thing is people fly from all over the world so people could never be able to fly to let’s say LAX because they are in a different time zone just my opinion.


Only on expert server.

If there is an event taking place at LAX organized by folks outside the US on expert server, then yes it would be a night arrival.

Let me stress out that this is a feature that I could only see implemented once an update for night lighting is released.


Ok 👍 just vote for your own topic.

taxiing at night would get 10x worse with this ngl

I’ll pass…

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With taxi way and aircraft ground lighting? Why?

those aren’t coming within the near future.

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… I don’t know if you actually read what was in my post, but this feature would come after those updates are complete.

You are right, this is going to become a very unpopular opinion. We have a time setting so you can fly in whatever time you would like


I really do appreciate the fact that the seriousness has been raised and improved realism. However once again, we shall wait for the night time visual updates prior to this being implemented. I will revisit this thread and vote for this after that happens. Good idea!

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I don’t really see a point to this. It doesn’t make a different whether or not its day or night. What matters is IFR or VFR conditions and currently you I’d say its VFR 95% of this time in the sim because of the lack of clouds. So again, don’t really see the purpose.

Until we get new lighting,


I appreciate your enthusiasm, but yeah, not right now. After we get new lights, then maybe! Unless it’s nighttime, I fly in current time anyway.


Poll has been removed due to my ignorance of the features thread.

If you voted on the poll, that is now removed, please vote on the post!

If they did that, not many would want to fly on expert; besides, if or when they add new lighting i am sure many will have it set to night:)

I disagree because some people may not see that great during night time. So the option for them should be there even on expert. Some regional airports that people fly to are very small so lighting is minimal there too.

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I don’t really see a why this should be implemented.
It’s not beneficial for me and many other players, because, I really don’t care at which time the others play.

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Personally I think the majority of people on expert fly with current time. I feel like people wouldn’t like it no matter what, if you’re from another continent you won’t want to get up at 2AM to fly around there in the day. You could create an argument that you would just go on TS but you don’t get the same ATC experiment and there is a lot of wild stuff that happens on TS. I just think it wouldn’t work, it’s a cool thought though.

Great request, however we’d need to get taxiway lights and brighter lights in general first.

We’d also need to see the terrain on the map / radar to avoid crashing into mountains you can’t see. (I always fly using the current time of the location and so I’m no stranger to that mountain crash issue lol)

I mean like stated above: this may be pretty bad for different timezones. I myself usually play in the evening or when its dark and i dont really like flying at night( not yet atleast). Id be sick of playing in the dark.
The only way i might see this work is during official events where they would set a specific time so that every one at the event would experience the same lighting. Then it would be disables after the event for solo flyers to faver their simulated flight. But i have no clue how the devs would be able to do that.

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I like the purpose of the request but the beauty about having your own day mode is that you can customise it to your liking be it wanting to experience a beautiful sunset, trying out a day flight or even setting up for red-eyes.

Furthermore, this feature could be problematic for airports at night(well until the lighting system is improved).

I still remain optimistic of this idea. Until the lighting is reworked, this remains a good idea but wrong timing.