Permanent ATC

May you please add permanent ATC at some airports in some regions.because sometimes it’s boring when you fly in advanced and there is no ATC.This ATC can just be controlled by the system.

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No one will be on 24/7 unless you’re switching from ATC to ATC, then again, it’s inefficient. If you want permanent ATC then go to SoCal. xD


You can’t just automate an ATC controller, it doesn’t work that way. The computer isn’t smart enough.


It has been requested, robot approach/departure. Still, some atc want a break, and robo atc will be complicated to code.

Ok thanks for the heads up

It’s just like Microsoft Flight Simulator X it has permanent ATC when flying solo and even when you are offline.So I want that type of thing.Its frustrating when you about to land or takeoff and a controller just goes offline.

Maybe if you make a mobile device with a battery good enough to power IF 24/7 & pay some people to use IF full time this could happen ;)

But since FDS strives to create a sim that replicates the real world, this would be counter productive. Its good having the human element in IF ATC, Nothing like a bit of human error every now and again.


It’s hard to code when it’s a small group, compared to a multi-billion dollar company with thousands of employees, just think of it like that :)