Perlan 2, Solarstratos and maybe other ones... What are they changing in all day aviation?

Solarstratos is a glider looking single engine solar plane hypothetically capable of reaching FL800 and Perlan 2 a pressurised glider who reached the FL760 this september. Both projects state that they will revolutionise modern aviation.

But I really don’t see how those little birds, with their really own technology and objectives are going to make aviation evolve.

Maybe you have an idea how and you could tell me.

I think it is based on how they are powered, as you mentioned, one of them was solar, and one of them was a non-powered glider. The way that these aircraft are powered and able to fly is what is revolutionary, because they are powered by clean power with minimal emissions and environmental impacts. Most likely, the designers of these aircraft are hoping that these systems can be implemented on larger commercial aircraft.


Ah right, I completely forgot about the base, clean power. Then it makes sense to see Airbus investing into Perlan project. Thanks for the answer.

Electric aircraft is the next big thing for aviation whoever gets there first with larger aircrsft will make a lot of money.

A lot of hurdles to overcome though lots of investment will be required.

I would say high alltuide, long ranged, electric, primarily automated planes will be around 15-25 years time.

Elon Musk had ideas about next generation planes but currently has a lot on his plate and the electrification of planes isn’t urgent. I would presume then Boeing and Airbus will be the two big players in electric aircraft unless another party is willing to invest a large amount.

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Ya, it doesn’t need to be a full airliner yet to change aviation, electric aircraft have lots of challenges, but they’re knocking them down one by one. Think about this, the most revolutionary aircraft ever made, (ya, i’m Talking about the first one…) was just a handful of feet across, and was made from canvas and sticks. And flew less than the wingspan of some modern aircraft. Yet it completely changed the world. Small things can make big ripples…

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Haha money can be a good reason to rush this way. Airbus has an electric plane, I’m pretty sure that they’ll be closely followed by all manufacturers too.


True ! 100 years ago pilots were flying wood planes (sadly with guns at the front) and today we can see planes like the American B2 or the Antonov AN225 flying around.
They’re definitely crossing boundaries yeah…

A planner at 76000 ft…

Thanks for your answers 👍

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Yeah you are right, look at what have easyJet have been up to…

More on this can be found on YouTube.

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