Performing missed approach

Could anyone please just explain what need to be done when you give an instruction for a missed approach .

What role? Pilot or atc?

As a pilot you contact approach if available and tell him/her “Executing missed approach”. He/she will then issue you a command such as: “Executing missed approach, turn right heading 290, climb and maintain 5000” hope this clears things up.

Advanced controller 2

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If you want to simulate a real condition for a missed flight read the plates for that airport. It tells you exactly what the procedure is. Top right hand corner of the airport/runway of a plate.

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As ATC you will tell the pilot to “go around”, then you can tell him to make right / left traffic or option 2 is you can tell the pilot to contact approach for vectors for another approach.

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Ye that was another questions about when a atc what is the options mean

It means, “abort your landing, climb away and try again”.

There could be several reasons like:

  • Traffic on the runway
  • Landing gear not down
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Yes but let’s say your about 15nm from the airport and your on tower frequency do you let tower know by saying “Executing missed approach” to tower and then tower tells you to switch to approach or you just switch to approach after you say it or you don’t say anything to tower and contact approach agaim and tell them your executing a missed approach?

If you announce “executing missed approach” indeed you are saying you go around, then tower will inform you “make left / right pattern” or if approach is available he might switch you, it really depends what the controller wants there is no rule for this.

When being transferred to approach on short final he should understand you are making a go around and he will see you climbing on the radar so no need to announce again, “executing missed approach”.