Performing a transition

I have a question about how to preform a transition especially with approach controllers. I was just trying to perform a flight where I would take off, exit the airspace, and then cross midfield of the airport like in this image.
But how do you let the approach controller know what you are doing?


I don’t think you need to. You’re simply departing. You’re too high to collide with traffic taking off, so you’re clear of conflict.

I could be wrong though.


But I’m already on approach frequency and I can’t just decide to change to tower without their approval.

Why would you do that? You’re departing right?

I don’t believe you would need to change to tower, Approach can give permission to enter tower airspace.

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But there are no options (to my knowledge) to request transition on approach controller

If you’re on approach frequency, just check in and fly your FLP. If approach doesn’t want you somewhere they’ll guide you away.


But I’m under 10,000 feet and I’ll be violating the airspace

Approach will tell you no if need be

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Doesn’t matter. If tower told you to contact app/dep, you’re their responsibility now.


Bravos can go up to 10,000ft MSL. In real life at least.


Please can you put this under live or atc because you are not experiencing actual app problem with IF. Thanks :D

Does your flight plan take you over the airport?

Where you told to contact approach after taking off?

What did you ask of approach after contacting?


If you are being directed by ATC they will ensure you are ok. Generally if you are taking off you are usually well above the transition altitude by the time you get there.

Just be sure to follow ATC instructions in case they try to vector you around traffic.


Transition requirements end at 5k AAL for IF purposes.

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