Please help me look I have an iPhone 8 plus and when playing in ultra graphics it runs smoothly but suddenly I get lag that I have to download the graphics to medium

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Greetings @Luis_Lopez,

Your iPhone 8 could be running slow from software issues. This includes an overheated or overworked CPU and insufficient storage space. Does this happen only on Infinite Flight?


This would be the cause. Your device is unfortunately not capable of running the app at highest graphics setting. It will eventually need to throttle down performance due to heat & lack of resources.

Best is to run at what works for the longest time period, which sounds to be Medium settings.


my iphone 8 is 64gb if only in infinite Flight

According to other members reviews of the Iphone 8 usage in Infinite Flight, it seems pretty able to run almost full graphics. Ensuring some of the causes above aren’t occurring could be a factor to the lower performance you are experiencing.

Take a look at this community run thread on advice for most devices on the market if you have any doubts or question above your current, or future device.

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Those are from <20.3. User who shared them has not been around since which has to be taken into consideration.

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Good notice, I’m aware of an IPhone 8 user out in the community, I’ll see if they’re happy to help at all.

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I’m probably not the one you’re referring to, but I have an iPhone 8, and I’d be happy to share my experience with Infinite Flight while using it.

It’s simple. The device is four years old. It features the Apple A11 Bionic, a 2.39 GHz hexa-core 64-bit chipset, which is less than ideal for high-performance games in 2021 (i.e., Infinite Flight). It’ll heat up on maximum graphics, either causing significant lag, as you are experiencing, or crashing, the latter being less common, however.

From my experience, which is limited as I don’t enjoy playing Infinite Flight on low graphics (necessary to avoid excessive lag), you can get away with playing Infinite Flight on this device only if you’re willing to make the sacrifice and utilize lower graphic settings.

TL;DR: The iPhone 8 is not meant for gaming on maximum graphic settings. Lag is inevitable, and that is, unfortunately, a repercussion of owning a four-year-old device. If you want to continue using it, lower graphic settings will be required.

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I currently use these graphics on my iPhone 8 plus

Lowering your frame rate limit may also help. (If I recall correctly, some users said that 30fps is better on certain Apple devices. Don’t quote me on that though, just a suggestion)

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For my device, I have to lower it the lowest possible setting and I only turn it up for taking pictures.

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