I didn’t have any game crash since i bought the game in december 2019.
But the performance after the update is worse compared to 19.4 version
My Device:
Huawei MediaPad T5, 4gbram and 64rom with more than 50gb of free space.

I know that the devs are working hard to fix it and im looking forward to the next patch.

Take a look here and see if any of these help the crashing problem!

Try turning down your aircraft count, that’s what was causing my crashes after the 20.1 update.

I’ve also heard that turning off airspaces in the map is helping people as well.

I have already did the recomendations and the lag is still there!!!

Thanks for replying

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I have airplane count set to NONE and in the map i always hide taxiways and airspaces and it helps a little

I have everything in Low quality,AA off and FPSLimiter ON

Sorry that didn’t help. During cruise do you have the camera in a view that doesn’t require new scenery to constantly load (captain view facing up, tower view, etc.)?

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Make sure all other apps are closed in the background, and perform a soft restart of your device before beginning each flight. It’s important to remember that the issues with lag could also be server side, due to high server loads.

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I think its a server problem, bc when im alone in an airport the game runs a little better

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The cameras around the plane work good, bu the problem is the map, the map lags a lot for me.

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Yeah the servers are most likely the problem. There’s not much you can do besides the things listed in the performance section and wait for a fix/less crowded servers. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

Yeah ik, i hope they fix this and we can come back and enjoy IF

Thanks for replying my topic

See ya in the skies!!!

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Thanks for replying my topic

See ya in the skies!!

I have a 4gb phone I use for long hauls. It’s pretty sluggish now days running IF. The minimum acceptable settings for me are low graphics and medium resolution. Low resolution kills the live cockpit.

You can actually try your game booster. Be aware it might cause problems, so try training first. I use Xiaomi’s booster which works fine with IF.

I used to do long hauls in 19.4.

I played un everything in low and everything was fine until the 20.1 update

Is it unplayably laggy? My phone is actually pretty laggy these days as well.

Is more laggy than normal, but the problem is the map, the map for me is laggy even if i hide the taxiways and airspaces

Try hiding the fixes as well. Apparently there are a lot more of them now.

I tried that and there isn’t difference

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