Performance Profile for the TBM9

Does anyone have a performance profile for the TBM9 that I can plug into ForeFlight and use in general?

These are the current numbers I’m using:

Climb Cruise Descent
170/40 252/54 2000 fpm

Not sure what speed and rate I should be descending above 10,000’.

To be clear, I’m looking for real world numbers backed up by data, not guesses.

Heres the landing and takeoff numbers

Hope this helps


Quick Reference Cards


It does! I had seen that in the tutorial and forgotten about it. Simbrief gives a different climb rate but they’re basically the same.

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You can also download TBM Performance from App store:


@Andre_S Winner winner chicken dinner!

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A little light reading for ya

A 726-page booklet = @mac104’s idea of “light reading



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