Performance Problems


I have been on iOS 13 for a while now and have not had one problem with Infinite Flight since a few days ago, so I don’t think the problem has to do with iOS 13? It might.

Anyways, when I click various buttons, for example, the camera views button and the ATC button. My iPad just freezes and I have to restart the app, I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem? Thanks

My device is an iPad Pro 9.7 inch running iOS 13

Is your ipad approaching max storage? If so it could be that

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It has used 99 GB out of 128, so i dont think so

When you hit the ATC camera view were you near any airport or no

Yes i was, when im in the air it seems to happens less but still happens

I think it happens, because the app has to load so much so fast and it just can’t really do it so it just crashes happened to me over the north pole… I just avoid ATC view, but with the release of IOS/Ipad os 13 there has clearly been a major performance hit to all apple devices so

So what do you reckon i do? Should i clear caches more often, or clear storage or memory?

Just before a long flight, just quickly restart your device, as that’ll clear all RAM, and avoid running apps in the background and avoid the ATC camera option and it hopefully won’t happen again:)

Thanks alot :)

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