Performance on Redmi 5 Plus?


I’m looking to buy a new phone for me and Redmi 5 Plus stands out in a nice way. I’d like to know how well it can run Infinite Flight, so if you have the phone, could you tell me how much traffic it can handle smoothly and with what graphic settings?


Take a look at this topic:


It isn’t on the topic @Chatta290 linked, but it seems like it should be able to run IF. When you get it, would you mind adding it to the topic linked below.


I use Mi note 4 works as smooth as a butter. , So shouldn’t be a problem either on the Redmi 5 plus.


Graphic settings and with how much traffic?


Graphic settings is high.


Looking at the device specifications, I wouldn’t expect it to be “as smooth as butter”, however I think you’d get solid frame rate under medium settings. It has a Snapdragon 636 which is a mid range processor, but it does have a lot of RAM and an ok GPU, it should run fine.


I use Mi A1 and I run Infinite Flight smoothly in medium graphics. However, I have problems spawning at certain airports with all “high” graphics. Maybe this could be a note for you in case you’re going to buy 5 Plus as 5 Plus seems to have lower capacity


and I also experienced the same thing @George, I am currently using a Galaxy J7 PRO device, if I am at a very crowded airport, it will definitely cause my device to become unstable and lags


I’ve bought Redmi 5 Plus, I’m taking 3D benchmarks for this device 2 times and then I’m updating and doing it again, then testing the game with my new phone.


Any update on the performance on infinite flight on it


Yeah. It’s in the device compatibility thread. I’ve been too lazy to update it, but I’ve been noticing that anti-aliasing and rendering resolution have little to no effect on performance, so I just keep them on / high, even with lots of traffic.


Have a look at this one


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