Performance on iPad mini 2... (Asking for advice)

I have a mini 2 32GB:

Terrain: Medium
Aircraft: V. High
Water: Low
AA: Off
Rendering: High
Airplane Count: V. High

I have prioritised lots of aircraft and high quality here. It’s good even in busy airspace.


Not for this forum until you are TL3, where there is a special place for it.

But no, sorry.


I thought that was the Mini 4? I really wish I had a Mini 2 now, it sounds so much better than the 1.

mini 4 is bigger and doesnt look right
mini 2 is perfect

I have an ipad mini 2 with 16 GB of storage and all settings on high. It works well for me. Make sure you have a good internet connection or it will lag much.

And its annoying the Mini 4 took lots of manufacturers’ attention to making cases instead of continuing to produce them for the original series.

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‘If we make it 1mm bigger we earn more money with new cases!’

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