Performance on iPad mini 2... (Asking for advice)

OK guys, so I used to play on my mobile which is Samsung A9, and it could barely run smoothly on medium graphic for the aircraft and others on low setting, so now I’m thinking of buying the game again on IOS, but all I have is a iPad mini 2, I wanna see if anyone has one and playing it smoothly even on High graphic settings for aircraft and water. ( By smoothly I mean including when u are rotating the camera angles from replay as well ) Thanks !!

I have an iPad mini 2, 16GB, and my settings are:
Water: Medium
Airplanes: High
Scenery: Medium
And someone is on "LOW"
With these settings my iPad when I’m playing IF is a little bit hot but IF works very nice! ;)


Go for the iPad Air 2. It’s amazing! Smooth on maximum settings. It has also dropped down in price. Better than the Mini 2 for sure!


I use my iPad Mini 2 (32GB) to play Infinite Flight and it runs really good. I have all settings set on high and I never had a problem. If you want I could send some screenshots later to see the high quality. As the iPad is quite hot at the end of a long flight, I plan to update to a better one once Global Flight comes out.


I use an iPad Mini 1 and it is very slow/laggy, even with all settings on low. If you are looking for an upgrade I would choose the iPad Mini 3 or iPad Air 2.

Yeah I know but I just a iPad mini 2 lol…

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Yeah I know but I only got mini2 in my hand lol

Does it run smoothly on replays in different angle ??

Yes of course. Do you want to see some screenshots I made with it?

works great!

Yeah sure and can u tell me yr setting in details ?

All those screenshots were taken with the following preferences:

  • Terrain Quality: high
  • Airplane Quality: high
  • Water Quality: high
  • Anti-Aliasing: off
  • Rendering Resolution: high

I use it on an iPad mini 3, 64GB

Water - High
Airplanes - Very High
Scenery - High
Anti-aliasing - off

Runs perfectly


Is it the same processor to the mini2 ??

I’m pretty sure that the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2 has both an A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, an A7 motion coprocessor and 1GB RAM.

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no point of mini 3, 50 dollars more and only bonus is touch sensor

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Exact same processor

And if you get the IPad Air 2, I highly suggest spending the extra $100 for 64GB


My iPad mini 2 has all settings on high. Sometimes I have too turn anti analysis off but it runs fine.


I use a iPad mini 2 (16gigs)and I have all graphics on high and it works fine