Performance on a Lenovo Tab 4?


I run IF on an iPad Pro but my son can’t afford an iPad currently. I am wondering if anyone has experience with the Lenovo Tab 4. At $120 it is super affordable and we are thinking of it for a Christmas gift etc. How does IF run on it?



Idk, try research I guess and wait for the comment.


Hi there!

Our good friend has made a well formatted list for your convenience :)


Thanks. I searched for Lenovo and didn’t locate this. Will check it out!


Search didn’t find it because it looks like it isn’t compatible. Not surprised at $120! Would have been awesome though.

The Asus ZenPad is available for $300 though so that’s an option.



No worries man, glad I could help a little bit. Sorry your original plan didn’t work out :)

Best of luck in your search and hope you all have a Great Christmas ;)

(I know it’s early, dont hurt me xD)


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