Performance issues

Hello, infinte flight has been performing poorly, lack of fps, especially on ground. When I’m in the air it kinda works fine, but still could be better.

I have a MI A1 phone with 4GB of RAM and about 1.6 - 2.1 GB is available at a time, it does support OpenGL too.

I don’t have a pro subscription btw so it’s not even global for me. And I’m running the game at medium graphics.

If you could help me somehow it would be great. Thank you :)

Do you have limit frame rate on?

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I tried to disable it, but it wouldn’t make any difference.


The Xiaomi Mi A1 should be able to run IF at medium settings.

What solutions have you already tried?
Do you have Anti-Aliasing enabled?
What is your current Android version?

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Make sure it’s on at all times on the IF graphics settings.

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My Android version is 8.0.0 and I have not enabled the anti aliasing.

Let’s start with the basic solutions first:

  • Reboot your device and launch Infinite Flight again.
  • Try reducing your graphics settings and see if it gets any better.
  • Uninstall Infinite Flight, reboot your device and install Infinite Flight again.
  • Install “Clean Master” and let it clear your cache and other unnecessary files.

Worst case scenario would be a factory reset, which I think will be necessary here as I had this problem with my previous and current device.


Ok, I will try that, thank you :)

Wow ok. So have done every step you told and btw I have done the factory reboot today before everything. So I tweaked the graphics and I set rendering to low and ac rendering and texture quality at high and everything runs super smoothly, thank you a lot :)