Performance issues with 19.1


Would an iPad Air 2 be good enough?


@Kirito_77 said earlier in the thread that they are updating on a device compatibility thread right now. I suggest heading to that soon to find out.


One thing ive noticed is that when some planes are moving, theyre glitching and they moving backwards and then go back to normal


Unfortunately this update did not work for me, I have a J5 Prime with 6 months of use, the phone is a year and a half old and is suffering to run the IF, before I have no problem with graphics, I hope they fix it, If not IF ends for me :/


Which generation? If it’s a third gen then you can be confident it can run IF for at least another 5 years.


Great additions, it’s not nice seeing people struggle to run IF so these improvements are much welcomed as everyone should have the means for a great experience. I’m suprised my Air 2 can still handle these new updates with Ludicrous mode on 👀


I also have a 5C it won’t update so yeah it would crash just trying to download the game 😂 😢


It’s a great decison to move away from the policy of keeping support for older devices at the expense of high performance feature additions.

Even Apple stops IOS upgrades for its devices after a few generations.

There could very well be more high end device users in IF, and denying them certain new features because of the need to support older devices has been in place long enough. Time to move on.


Thanks so much for working on the updated list. wondering how my Nvidia K1 will meet the requirements and if there is a need to upgrade, what would be a good choice.


@Capt_D_Brown I would recommend getting a device not to old.Minimum 2 years old


Is the Huawei P9 good for infinite flight.


Dear Philip:

Hi, thanks for your reminder. I didn’t have those problem you mentioned, but I do have problems when using IF.
The thing is, when I am flying with online mode, I can’t see the graphs of other aircrafts at all. The only thing other than my own plane I can see are small white frames instead of planes. This significantly decreases the fun of flight.

My phone is the latest Sony XZ2, it’s sold for $600, so the problem definitely doesn’t come from my phone.

It is totally understandable that the updated version of game has small problems, but I hope it gets fixed soon. Thank you.




Go to Live settings and make sure that your airplane count is on high or very high. Also try spawning in on solo in all the different aircraft types. IF now downloads the aircraft/livery when you spawn in automatically and not from your aircraft list screen. I believe that this needs to be looked at as I suspect this is causing the white box only rendering as with a large amount of aircraft your device is trying to download all the aircraft packages and render them at the same time which is causing the lag.


If you use a cellular network, remember to turn on Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data:


Surprisingly my Ipad Mini 2 works well. I have it on decent graphics settings and it works. However, after 19.1 it has been slower, but I am getting a new phone soon. Probably an 8 or XR


I’m sure my phone is good to go, I have an IPhone XS MAX. In replay mode the only issue I’m having is upon any type of movement on the taxi ways/runways the wheels aren’t shown moving and the nose gear don’t show the turns at all, they remain in a static position. Has anyone else experienced this? Hopefully this will be corrected with the iOS hotfix release next week. Sorry if this has been brought up previously. In any event, the new update is awesome 👏 I’m loving it, keep up the good work IF. You guys rock!!! 👍


Wheels are not spinning/turning in replay, it’s by design. Glad you enjoy the update!


Well, I guess I can roll with that (no pun intended).😉 I haven’t had any other issues so I can’t complain, thanks for the info.


👍🏻 They are not rolling in live/multiplayer mode either if you watch other planes.


Yeah, it’s a little bummer but no biggie. In my case that’s a small issue. I’m sure some will find it super irritating. I hadn’t paid any attention to other aircraft while viewing in live & multiplayer so I never noticed. Again, thanks for the heads up!