Performance issues with 19.1


What phone do you use?


Asus zenfone


Thanks for the hotfix. Experience drastically improved. Prior this, my device got lag at some points in Fast but now can do Good setting seamlessly.

Great job, IF LLC.


Aha okay thanks.


Are there now better graphics in “fast” setting?


As they said, it is slightly better than before.


Did you verify that you have actually updated to the latest version?

A delete and reinstall will always ensure that you have the most up-to-date version available from the Play Store.


If I reinstalled the app will i have to pay for the app from play store?


No. You won’t have to pay again as long as you are using the same Google account.


Hi sir , thanks for consideration that you have for Android users , for me , the Come back of " anti - aliasing " is a good Idea , but it’s important to remark that , before the global , the anti - aliasing was functionning on Android without problem so, i think that Infinite flight must build something specific to Android version , without anti - aliasing if possible , in thé contrary , anti - aliasing is maybe solution .


I mean if you need to get good performance just get the Pocophone F1. It can handle IF and it only costs $305 right now on Amazon. There really is no excuse for"I cant afford a phone that can run IF now"


Just wanted to resist the FAQ. My tablet is 1 5 years old (150$) and I bet it runs IF better than many iPads.


I recommend you to buy Teclast T10. Best tablet costs less than 170$ rn


This helped so much! Thanks!


I’m working on updating the device compatibility thread as we speak. I cannot guarantee as to when it will be ready again, but I will most definitely try my best to have it ready asap!

Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!

go to google play store you will find the update there and download it manually,.



Global came with increased performance requirements, so this is expected for some devices. To keep developing and improving the app, the bar needs to be raised a bit. Developing a separate version for low end devices is not an option, which is why different graphic options exists.


I just bought my new Huawei tablet 4 months ago I have infinite flight on it


It’s why i love this simulator, you never stop to put new aircrafts and airports .Continue like this!I’m waiting for the a350!!!


Thank you so much it fixed the lag I’m so so happy thank you this calls for a long haul tomorrow yipee