Performance issues with 19.1


👍🏻 They are not rolling in live/multiplayer mode either if you watch other planes.


Yeah, it’s a little bummer but no biggie. In my case that’s a small issue. I’m sure some will find it super irritating. I hadn’t paid any attention to other aircraft while viewing in live & multiplayer so I never noticed. Again, thanks for the heads up!


Does IPHONE 6S work? I haven’t had any problems with it before.


Should work. Ask @GatwickGuy for details regarding settings.


I am about tu buy a new phone. I’m thinking about the One plus 6 (normal version). I’m not buying the 6t it is too expensive for me. Do you guys think i’ll be fine running IF on it?

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Check this topic and see if you find your device:

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Sad to read my new 4g ram Nuu I got on Amazon for $199.95 is not up to it.

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I’m actually having improved performance since the initial 19.1 update, no negatives so far thankfully!

Rendering Quality: With the addition of the Fast and Good graphic options it runs better. I can still run on Best if I want with little to no problems other then some overheating.

Texture Quality: I have it set to medium always.

Limit Frame Rate: I always have limit frame rate checked.

Airplane Count: It’s dependent on the traffic, I can use very high at times though. In high traffic areas it’s always on low, just be situational aware and check the map for surrounding traffic.

iPhone 6s
iOS 12.1.2
IF 19.1


Made my day

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Precisely why I prefer iOS over Android, though the gap is closing down year by year.

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Vào Th 7, 16 thg 3, 2019 vào lúc 23:54 philippe via Infinite Flight Community đã viết:


quick question, i am getting a new device.It will be a digiland 7’ tablet around 80 dollars but reviews are good.
Do you know if it will be good with IF?
I cant find an answer


That tablet does not support the Global update.
If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.


From a design standpoint, why was it impossible to keep the old options while updating the graphics? I.e wouldn’t more devices be compatible if we had the old low option as well? The current fast and good options both look worse than low to me so I don’t understand the improvement argument. Will we ever be able to separately control the resolution and quality again? Having them linked is pretty limiting… Why was that necessary?

It seems like giving the community more graphic options would solve a lot of problems. Thanks for the antialiasing option!

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And I’m Not Certain That 737-100 Exist’s Sorry!

And I Think That Southwest Is Pushing To 737-900! Thanks This is from the IF User “checks Finished” Thank You!


The Boeing 737-100 exists, it was the prototype model which like 30 were made-search it up.


Do you know if it’s possible to get a higher resolution version of fast? I.e with the low rendering quality but not the hilariously low resolution? Having everything bundled together is rough.

Also, I know I didn’t direct those questions above^ at anyone in particular but could you take a shot at some of them? Thanks for your time

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Thanks for letting me know

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How do I get a violation removed, software error on my phone and restarted with speed violation

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