Performance issues with 19.1

Update (03/18/2019): Performance hotfix has been deployed to both Android and iOS

We are aware of performance issues being reported for older devices (especially Android).

We just pushed another hotfix on Android that should help with those issues:

  • It re-adds the “Anti-Aliasing” option to the Graphics Settings so you can turn it on/off manually
  • It increases the resolution of the “Fast” setting so ppl who are stuck at that setting have a slightly better experience.

iOS hotfix will come early next week (Apple doesn’t review app updates on week ends).

Please note:

If you are having this issue it means that your device is getting too old for a good experience in IF (even recent Android device can be inadequate).
Despite our best efforts, we won’t be able to always add new features AND support all the devices we supported in the past.
IF is not designed to run on low end devices (~$200 range). A recent mid to high end device is preferred for an optimal experience.


Awesome! Good improvements, IMHO.

Huh, really? Didn’t know this… (or are you being sarcastic?)


Thanks for informing us about this. 👍

Huh, really? Didn’t know this… (or are you being sarcastic?)

I double checked and they might actually. It just seem to be a hit or miss apparently.


Maybe time for a new iPad!


Looks like another update on supported Devices might be needed like there was for Global…

I got my iPhone 7 only because my iPhone 5c wouldn’t support it. (I have an iPad now so it works well)

anyways, thanks for the update!


Do you have an idea of what generation of iPads are non-compatible? I have a 12.9 pro, and was wondering if that model will be outdated soon.

May be it is time to develop version for PC/Macbook that have more power for all features?


Ehh… then what about you just play xplane 11 instead?
This is mobile game


Just installed the hotfix. Looks like its working. Thanks alot!

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Would an iPhone 6 be considered one of the “old devices” that you cant have the best experience with?


How this hotfix be available to Android? Is it a new update or the app will automatically updates internally for this hotfix? I just launched the app to find out anti aliasing addition in graphics but could not find it there… Please help

rsrsrsrs no cometary

I’m for sure this one runs flawlessly and will continue so in the next upcoming years. I believe its a very powerful device. I use that same one and also a Samsung Tab S4, the iPad runs and looks WAAAAAAAY better than the Samsung Tab S4.

Are there better graphics (i cant check i am doing a flight now)?

Thank you very much Philippe for quick response on this topic my friends and I are very grateful.

The lag on my phone is gone. I just checked for the lag.

I bought the newish Tab S4 and IF runs like a dream. I just faced this dilemma because of previous tablet just wasn’t cutting it, about 3 weeks ago. I despise all things Apple, so I went with one of the highest functioning Android tablets. Glad I did. Running everything on max settings. 👍👍

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What phone do you use?