Performance issues Samsung S7

Your RAM should be cleared enough if you’ve killed all the background apps before, as you said in your initial post.

Out of curiosity, it got better when on Low/Medium when you cleared up some storage. How much free storage do you have now?

I am experiencing drastic increase in low med setting. I have 10gig+ of free space

Yes my RAM was cleaned, if closing the background app works.

Cnt run on max performance. Tried once and the phone was overheating

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Just to summarize…

Low - Works
Medium - Works
High - Works but is laggy and will overheat?

There is an option in the graphics settings to limit frame rate. That can help with some of the overheating.

Did you adjust your screen resolution per the link? You can also try to uninstall and reinstall just to mark that off the list.

S7 on high is hit and miss depending on the device and the user. I had an S7 edge and it worked most of the time but doing a 12 hour flight on high/high/high graphics was out of the question. The OS would lock up mid flight due to the graphics. After trying everything above, the best advise is to reboot prior to a flight to ensure you have resources and make sure you have a strong internet connection.

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I use a s6 edge and run on max settings and never have issues, even runnin on low memory

Worst case scenario your S7 might have had it. Because that’s a device that can run IF on max setting without breaking a sweat. The Exynos 8890 with 4 GB of ram is more than enough. I have a Lenovo Tablet with SD 625 2GB ram 16GB storage IF alone is taking me 4.6GB and I run IF on Medium very well. High setting works great if am flying but close to landing or in an Airport i switch back to Medium setting for better FPS.

so does it run smooth in solo mode?