Performance issues Samsung S7

Hi Team/Members,

I run IF on on Samsung S7. Post the global update, I have been facing severe performance issue. Rendering all the graphics on lowest setting, and switching anti aliasing, it’s still a very Laggy experience. The rear camera also lags and misses few frames when I move around. Landing becomes tough as the controls don’t respond on time and there is always a lag.

I have degraded from 5 to 3 and soon will be pushed to 2 as I have completely stopped flying.

I have re-i stalled IF tons of times now. I run the processor of full throttle. I close all the background app. Still the same

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hey Ishan,

How much memory is left on your device?

It’s 96%full. 4% is spared

How much GB do you have? 4% doesn’t sound like a lot.

I fear that’s approx 700MB

Sounds like you need to clean up some storage. The amount needed for Infinite Flight can change due to the terrain being streamed, and other operating system related tasks.

The minimum amount recommended is 1GB free storage.

Looks like you are running low on memory. Clear up some storage and report back.

Thanks @schyllberg and @Delta_Alpha_Lima for your prompt support. I will get on this right away and report back here. Thanks


Hi @schyllberg @Delta_Alpha_Lima,


I now have more than 11gb of space and if is working fine on low and mid settings. High is still the same, Lagy

Also, my landing count is not updating. I did 5 landings but none recorded. They were proper landings.

Make sure all other apps were closed. I had the S7 and never faced a problem with max settings. Also be sure to do device maintanace before you fly. This will put to sleep unopened apps, clear ram, and remove unnecessary storage.


It will update, just give a while.

Other than that, follow what @anon2063420 is saying. He’s got more experience with the S7 than most of us :)


This is a known issue with some samsung devices. You can try this fix to see if it helps your “high” graphics settings.

Thanks @anon2063420. I assume you are using quacom 835 while my version is exynos. Will this make a diff??

Will try on max performance.

Thanks @Chris_S will try this.

The S7 does only come with the Exynos 8890. The phone that you mean is the S8, which comes with the Snapdragon 835 and the Exynos 8895.
And no, there is no big difference at all. In some benchmarks and tests, the Exynos-version is better.
And regarding to your issue, just try out all the things that were suggested above.

S7 dose come with a international snapdragon version, but back in India, its exynos.

While exynos is better, there can be compatibility issues.

Tried all, but nothing works.

It does come with Snapdragon 820, but not the 835.

Let’s focus on this first. Have you tried clearing your RAM?

My bad. Meant 820. I guess researching too much abt new devices

Cleaning RAM,. Its already a temp storage I guess. Have cleaned all the cache though

Any specific instruction??