Performance issues on iPhone 7 Plus


i have been facing frame rate and graphics issues on iphone 7 plus!
It is not possible to use the infinite flight or the lightest possible graphics! it’s on IOS 15.1
I believe that up to this point it would support at least in Medium
but he didn’t even get that in a simple airport without 3D!

it starts at normal 30 fps… after a few minutes the performance drops out of nowhere, the fps is between 20-10
and there are times when the game closes!
someone who has the same iphone tell me if it can operate normally!

I also used the recommended settings of a topic 21.2, but it didn’t work either, in addition to the high super heating


The iPhone 7 has always been notorious for having performance and thermal issues, I wouldn’t be surprised honestly if it starts struggling.

You might find lowering the rendering resolution, and setting the FPS to 30 beneficial. Keeping the device cool will also help substantially.


What is your settings? Example:

Airplane Count: None/Very High
Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Objects: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: Low
Anti-Aliasing: On
Frame Rate limit: 30fps


I think I found the problem, it may be related to the global map, when I enter to make the flight plan for some reason the Frame falls no matter the graphic!
I’m going to run some tests and I’ll tell you if it really can be that!

Airplane Count: Very High
Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Objects: High
Rendering Resolution: Médium
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Frame Rate limit: 30fps/60fps

Try rendering resolution on low, that’s normally the worst culprit for me on an iPhone 6s.

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Hey there, I have the same phone as you and I agree that it struggles with Infinite flight. I have everything set to medium and the FPS usually starts out at 40, then drops down to 20 and then hangs around 11. It also hugely depends on what plane you’re using. For example: the B777 is really demanding for my device while simpler planes like the E190 run at a smooth 40fps. Live cockpits are also very laggy on this phone. You can make the global map less laggy by turning off features in the map settings (I don’t recommend turning off navaids since you’ll need them if ATC instructs you to hold). Lowering your rendering resolution helps out massively with performance. When you’re at a busy airport you could also turn down the airplane count since that also affects performance a lot.

At the end of the day I kind of got used to the poor performance that this phone brings, before I got IF I used to play a lot of Aerofly which would get me 60fps no issue so it was a big difference switching to IF. I could turn all the settings down but I chose to keep it at medium to make it look a little nicer (even if it cost me the FPS).

wow, how strange! I can attend events normally, go in crowded airports! but if I open the map I don’t know what happens and the fps drops, it doesn’t matter if I put everything on low/none it’s no use, opening the map makes the fps drop literally, in the matter of aircraft the fps doesn’t drop in the cockpit either with the instruments activated, I never had any problems there, the issue I saw was that the global map

Fps 30-48
Airplane Count: Very High
7 planes on JFK

My iPhone 10 can’t even run 60fps well… I’d really recommend lowering that and possibly the 3D object density too to start

as I had quoted! not even in an airport without 3D it normally takes place

I think this can be incorrigible, because when I use everything at Low, the FPS is still between 20-10

Do you fly using the HUD camera or the virtual cockpit camera?

Well I was judging off of your screenshot where it’s at 60fps

when on the ground it is impossible to use the HUD camera fps is between 15-25 falling frequently, while during the flight the map needs to be zoomed “+” at most or else the fps is between 5-15 and even more crashing!

Oh yes! actually 60 FPS is already impossible, it doesn’t even stay at 30, let alone 60, because the issue wasn’t the 3D anyway, it must have been a long time, and because it’s an old smartphone it could be very obvious to have it, despite the iPhone 8 Plus get better results with everything at max, I expected iPhone 7 Plus to support at least Medium

and something a little strange I think it’s the use of apps from anyone!

Seems like an upgrade time! Nah just kidding, I experience the same as you only that I am on an Android device Samsung Galaxy A50 2019! But the trick is to lower most of the settings. This is my setting:

Edit: i changed the Texture quality to medium and it is even better!