Performance issue when mini map is displayed

Device: IPad Pro 2020 11”
IOS 15.1
App Version: 21.8

Edit_ this performance issue seems to happen when using the world map when selecting a start airport before loading a flight as well, not just the mini map during flight. Frames seem to go from 60fps to around 15fps

Absolutely loving the new update and the new A220!, however I have noticed that there is a performance issue (drop in frames) when the mini map is displayed in the HUD whilst I’m parked/taxiing at an airport no matter how busy it is, I wouldn’t expect there to many if any noticeable performance issues with my device as it’s still a relatively new device and I haven’t had these issues before 21.8

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Yeah, I’ve noticed this too, I hope they can fix this

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To start with, what kind of device models are we dealing with here?
Additionally, are you 100% this happened with 21.8? We have literally changed zero related to this.

Is this happening on both Solo & Live?

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I’m using the 2020 iPad Pro 11” with IOS 15.1 (latest version)
I’m pretty certain that this issue wasn’t appearing before 21.8, I never experienced any frame drops when using the mini map and when using the world map to select a starting airport. as I said my frame rate seems to drop to around 15 fps from 60fps, and I’ve just checked and this only seems to be happening during live mode, I don’t experience any frame drops from using the maps during solo mode

In fact it has also happened to me on a sixth generation iPad! but the strange thing is that when you select an airport in flight alone, no frames fall, but in multiplayer they do fall

Have you gone ahead and tried the usual troubleshooting steps? (Given it seems to be an issue for not just yourself I doubt these will change anything but it can’t hurt)

  1. Restart IF
  2. Restart Device
  3. PSA: Supporting IOS Users

I have tried these however there’s no change

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Does this also occur when you look at the map?

Yes, when you look at both the main map and the mini map on the HUD

If you are in external camera does the same occur? I have noticed it improves when you are in any camera view other then the HUD, cockpit, or viewing the map.

Yes it only seems to happen when the mini map is displayed in the HUD view, when you take away the mini map the frame drop issue goes away

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