Performance Issue when crossing the Ocean RKSI-WSSS

Hello so im currently using a xiaomi redmi note 7 , which is the medium recommended specs to run infinite flight. i never had issues running the game on high settings, i even once did KLAX to WSSS while crossing the ocean, but thats long time ago back when infinite flight released the new a350-900 xwb. back at that time there were no issues even after a long 15hrs flight , no lags , no framedrops ,steady at 40fps . on high settings , but now , (im talking right now currently im crossing the ocean) it got some very serious lag , i already change all my settings to Low and airplane count to low , any ideas whats wrong? ive been plaing 3hrs now

hmm sounds interesting … did you reset your device before the flight?

Don’t do this, it won’t help ^

See this reply by @Chris_Wing, it briefly explains the issue


no, i never reset my device for a flight

Yeah you should always reset your device before a flight if you don’t know what reseting a device is it’s shutting it off and turning it back on 😁🙂

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