Performance Issue (lagging) on Galaxy S4

I have a galaxy s8 and a galaxy s4 and when I play infinite flight on the galaxy s4 it is very laggy even though I set the graphics to low I tried every thing it still runs very slow… the galaxy s4 has android 5.0. So could someone please tell me what the problem is?

Hey there,

Try resetting your router and clearing your RAM cache before you launch Infinite Flight. Sometimes a restart of your device helps clear these things up too. Kind Regards, Chris

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Ok I will try it…

Thanks for your help. But I am still experiencing a lot of lag.

I’d recommend confirming that you have a strong internet connection. Minimize all graphic settings, lower aircraft counts and minimize the HUD & Mini-map whenever you can. You may have to tweak somethings to see what works best for your device and internet connection.

Ok will do…

If you can confirm you have a strong internet and have done all the things recommended by Chris, I would try to either start a restart of your device and/or a re-installment of Infinite Flight.

Good Luck!

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I have done everything you guys have said to do. And I still have lots of lag but when I play solo it
Has less lag… but online has alot… My WiFi connection is good…

The reason of your problem might be your device itself. The galaxy S4 has been released a while ago and barely meets the requirements so it isn’t surprising if it is lagging a lot in my opinion.

Are you certain that all of your 2GB of RAM is available? Some apps may take away from your RAM as they are hidden in the background. The issue you are experiencing may compound when you enter areas of heightened activity such as ATC and other Aircraft traffic.

Like @A-FitzGerald said, the S4 is older and it can be your device. Check your device specifications and make sure everything is up to date.

It is impossible Chris. I have a Galaxy S6 (2,6 GB RAM) and when I restart my phone + clean the RAM + limit background process I can reach 1,3 GB RAM available but not more. With a Galaxy S4 I don’t think he can have more than 900 MB RAM / 1GB available.

But that being said you can still enjoy global with your Galaxy S8 with all your graphics on high @Mickell_Augustine ;)

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Unfortunately there isn’t a lot more that we can do to improve your experience then because of the S4 device. As for the S8 @Mickell_Augustine I would try all of the recommendations provided above but also try utilizing a different internet host to see if you can isolate your issues to the internet provider and their equipment.

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Yes I am…

Everything is up to date…

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See this ;) It’s worth a shot.

Yh but I wanted to play on my galaxy s4 to… oh well if it can’t be help I will just have to play it on my s8…

Even with graphics on low it lags on the s4?

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Most likely an older model phone would do that recommend stick to the s8

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