Performance for 787-9

I have been experimenting with the 787-9 for the last 40 hours or so, and think that I have determined various aircraft speeds for take off and landings. I have been using the MLW (Max. Landing Weight) as my foundation. I am curious if anybody has posted the numbers for the 789. I’m not looking for cruising numbers. Below I will include the numbers that I have found:

Weight of Aircraft: - 192,767 kgs.
**Takeoff Power Setting ** - 80% = 98% N1
Flaps - 15˚
Rotate Speed 120kts - 125kts

Use flaps as necessary based on aircraft speed.
Established on final with gear down, flaps 30 -150kts - 155kts when the winds are not gusting. 155kts -160 kts when winds are gusting.

These are some of the numbers that I eventually came up with, based on the aircraft weight as mentioned above. Let me know what your thoughts are, and if you have any other performance numbers to contribute. Hope this helps!


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It’s better to see all seat maps for different Airlines on seatguru to calculate the amount of passengers and you also can go to checked baggage allowance on the same seatguru to calculate Cargo.
Yes, and for fuel - (or something like this)
Azerbaijan 787-8
210 passengers
5500 kg cargo
fuel -

Aeroflot 777-300ER
402 passengers
12500 kg cargo
Fuel -
From Moscow to KLAX - 110 000 kg

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Rotate speed should be much higher, don’t rotate more than 7 degrees if you don’t want to tail strike



I typically rotate @ 170 which is prob overdoing it.

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At what weight setting. I get off the ground at 170 when on heavy

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Middle setting.

I’ll do ~160 on “empty”

I’ve never flown on the middle setting but I assume rotate should be at 155-160


A few tons below MTOW and I rotate at 155.

Rotating @ 125 and bringing the nose up to 5 degrees will give you the perfect acceleration and eliminate that tail strike. Once you’re clear from hitting the tail, you may pitch a little higher and shoot for 3k-4k fpm


Customize the weight setting. To the Max Landing. The lighter the weight, the lower the speed required for liftoff.

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120 is WAY too low for any 787 to rotate


Im aware. but your numbers are way too low for the 787-9

I rotate at 155 or 140 sometimes when runway is short not 120 that’s not good for such heavy aircraft

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