Performance Calculator in the works!

Hello everyone,

I’m overwhelmed to the response I got regarding the performance calculator and I’m proud to announce that it will become a reality! Development is currently in the very early stages but we are hoping for an autumn release.

We will be launching on android first then maybe IOS (depending on demand) as I’m currently coding this by myself at the moment, I am looking to bring an extra programmer on the team. Please PM me if you have any past experience with Java.

I can confirm the following features will be added

• Descent Calculator
• Takeoff Data eg V-Speeds
• Landing Data

More more features to come! I can confirm this is not an April fools joke. This is the real deal!
Thank you


This is no April fool prank. This is the real deal


Sorry, I didn’t realize you created a topic about calculator, maybe add some information such as V-speed so it’s aviation related and not a joke. You know April Fool today and people are not trying to fall for it.

Yay! This will be good. Can’t wait!!!

Sounds great, especially the takeoff/landing data part. Will this include something like stopping distance too or approach speeds?


This will be great for adding more realism 😆 good job

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