Perfomance Samsung M62 on Infinite Flight

Hi guys, I searching for a new device to simulate IF, and I found a new Samsung Galaxy M62

I wanna know if someone here simulates with this device, and how it’s the perfomance? have lags? how much high graphics he can handle?

Thank youse all for the attention

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I have a Samsung note 9, although I am about to change it. The note 9 is still working with IF, and is still pretty good.

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take a look at this.

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I saw this, but the M62 has been released less than a month, this thread don’t have him yet

take a look at the specs of your phone and compare to others, you might find something.

Specifications alone indicate that it should run pretty well. It’s got a decently powerful processor, plenty of RAM and an up to date GPU. Only concern is it uses Exynos which can have some optimisation issues, but otherwise, especially for the price, it looks to be a solid buy.


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