Perfectly Pacific: Fiji 737 Nadi-Honolulu

Aircraft: Fiji Boeing 737-700
Flight Time: 6:27

Takeoff from Fiji

Another Shot on Takeoff

Some Small islands of Fiji during Climb

Wing View over the Ocean

Aircraft from the wing during the sunset

Approach for 8L at PHNL

Arrival at PHNL

Shut Down after arrival to spend the night in Hawaii

Hope You Enjoyed!


Great shots! I love Fiji and Hawaii, especially all in the same flight. 😏 😊

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2 Very good Islands Indeed! Happy to fly the route!

This thread reminds me that I need to fly to Fiji sometime. Fiji mountains look nice.

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They really do look nice!

Is it just me or does that livery always look like it has revers thrust on? Haha

Great pictures, thank you for sharing :)

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