Perfect throttle usage for Dash-8 during takeoff?

Hi everyone,
I have already done a number of flights in the dash-8 and I absolutely love it. For takeoff however, I was wondering what rpm I should use(or how far up I have to drag the throttle slider). I usually go to maximum rpm. Is this the ok for takeoff?

Happy landings :)

The maximum is never ok in normal flight situations.
I use 90%.

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That is also a bit high.

I would say 82-85% is the best. I use 84%


I tend to use 85-90%.

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That’s what I use on turbofan aircraft. Is it the same for turboprops?

I would say the same applies. Care to confirm @Laurens ?

oh ok, i’ll keep that in mind for my next takeoff ;)

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Yes, it is.
I’ve just found some data on the web: talking specifically about the Q400, 90% is considered a normal takeoff, but they often take off with reduced power, 81%.


Barley needs 80% to get off the ground 😂

That wiuld explain why my Dash-8 took off like a rocket ship on steroids😂😜

I know people underestimate this plane.

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Maximum thrust is what i use and also how they do it in real life

Between 81 and 90%, never more, never less. This is the amount of torque, not RPM (which for take-off is 1020rpm).

Max Sez. Here we go again, the duty experts weigh in. The Pilots Operation Handbook (POH) is available in the Forum Library. All of the flight data to incited V’s, Flap Setting, Weight & Balance are in the POC for the Dash8/400.
Study it, Fly by the “Book”.
(The POC!s for every aircraft in the IF inventory can be found by searching the Web. Make an effort read the tutorials and POC’s.)

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It really is a beast! ;-)

I get a great rotation with flaps 5, throttle at 85%.

These guys have it perfect. :)

Yes the speed is best at 81%-85%. Why? This power gives you power for a smooth takeoff and climb. By the time you reach 10000ft, its just over 250kts. This works perfectly with VS- 3200-3400. Flaps: 5%.

0 flaps- 90%
5 flaps- 80-85%
15 flaps- 70%
35 flaps- lose your license

very rarely do real pilots in real life use max throttle for takeoff. most of the time it is between 55% - 80% for takeoff. if you use full throttle for long periods of time, u risk engine overheat or engine failure or engine overspeed.