"Perfect" imperfect timing

Just for some funny commentary, how many of you guys have this problem where no matter how much you plan ahead for timing, knowing you have an obligation the next day, you still always end up having the ETA being smack dab in the middle of that obligation? Even after over 500 hours of flying this still happens to me,. Even trying to slow down or speed up doesn’t really help in the long haul flights. I just find it funny haha. And then I realized that it’s just a simulator and I could easily just walk away but I don’t know there’s such a realistic aspect of it, I feel responsible as the pilot to get my passengers on the ground.

  • This happens to me!
  • You’re just a terrible pilot

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If you have an obligation, the best thing to do is to ensure you plan a long enough flight to land afterwards, or a short enough one to land before (usually involves waking up early).

And nobody’s a terrible pilot (unless you’re @anon41771314)


What I do is ensure I have extra time in case something unexpected happens irl that will interfere my plans or in the sim where wind can push your ETA forward. It’s always good to think ahead.

Yeah I mean I’m aware of that, it’s just that I go off of real flight data and because of that I almost always overcompensate. Usually if a flight says it’s like 10 hours and 30 minutes it’s really only 9 hours and 45 minutes or something like that

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Then compensate for that as well. If it’s 45 mins shorter, choose a route that’s 45 mins longer than that one.

fair enough, I’m trying to diversify where I fly and the length of my flights so I know I’m kind of complaining just to complain but I meant it more just to be funny. Like today I’m flying to there new desrinations and with 2 new airlines. just commentary it’s my fault

Normally what I do is I just turn off my device and then come back to it later when I have the time.

Check out the recent flight times on Flightradar24 and look at the winds on windy.com and you’ll have a much better idea. Or just take an hour off the advertised flight time and leave half an hour to descend and land. It’s almost always that the flight time is less than what the airline says.

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Does that work? I mean doesn’t the flight stop? (Cause I know if you exit the game for a certain amount of time it stops, correct me if I’m wrong)

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The time used IRL is a block time, which means gate to gate time. It also often accounts for taxi delays and so on to increase punctuality.

Due to this I add about 1he 30mn of fuel. If needs be I put myself in holding.

Yes you are correct! It is a risk you should be aware of

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Every time I’m on final, no matter what time it is, my frickin dog needs to go out. Lmao!! I ain’t lying!

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