PEPSI Livery for Concorde

I know that I am too early to request this, but before the developers release the Concorde (probably never because it has been 3 years since we requested it [current votes: 540+] and yet, it still never came) I just want to request this spectacular livery of the Concorde.

Read about it here:


(Just something that will never make a ripple effect)

Note: this is just a livery request

Hey there!
Awesome request.
I love the livery Pepsi ok the Concorde.
Maybe soon 👀



Thanks a you!


Bumping this iconic livery!

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It was an iconic livery but this feature should close since we know that it will not be realeased

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With the Most recent poll , Infinite Flight LLC have excluded the concorde from the list , this feature request Has low possibilities of being made. I would love this but devs said there is too much work to do in the cockpit for now.

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When the day comes for this to be added, let’s hope this is included stock with the Concorde when it comes out. 🙌

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The devs have already stated that there will not be a concord coming.

I have noted that. They said for the time being. Doesn’t mean it won’t be added in the near future (3-5 years).


Thanks for the bump Nick definitely hope this gets added Pepsi gannng


Unfortunately, the devs have decided otherwise.

If in the future we feel our aircraft process is at a point where Concorde is feasible, we will reopen.



It’s not going to be added soon it will be added eventually as jason said. That is all that Nick said so chill and just let time go bye and we may see it in 4+ years. Actually read the whole thing and you will understand.

We can reopen this if the developers decide to open the discussion of creating the Concorde.