Pepole not listening to ATC

I’m often ATC on training server and really often people don’t listen to me and just takeoff without clearance or taxi through other people. I can’t report these people so i now ask:what should i do then?

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You have to just let them go unfortunately, since it’s the training server you cannot do anything. If you really want pilots to listen to you, you can be a part of the IFATC team

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I’m too young for being IFATC

Oh, then there’s nothing you can do about it :) just wait until you’re eligible

Also there are many serious users on training so it would be nice when people just act semi-professional


That’s really bad.

How many ops you got in ts? Reason I am asking I got nearly 6k ops in 2months. Imagine how many trolls i came cross:). Don’t let them get to you, just carry on, it’s part of the parcel :D


Ok! Thanks for the feedback!

On expert server you’ll barely see any trolls. Listening to ATC instructions is like the number 1 rule on this server.


I guess you still can make an ATC tracking thread Even If you are too young, it is still training to become atc

The good thing with an ATC tracking thread is that you usally Get serius users from the forum testing your skills, so you should do that, so when you are old enough you can become IFATC

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I agree, a tracking thread is one way to keep learning if you are serious about ultimately reaching IFATC and usually attracts more mature pilots (you still get the odd one or two but you just have to ignore them and carry on)

Staying away from areas around the troll magnets such as EGLL, KFSO will also help


Yeah, you’re right.

Thanks at all for giving me some ideas!

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If you enjoy ATC controlling…don’t give up!
Many of the obvious airports on TS attract unwilling and untrained pilots, who are either unwilling or just ignorant with the ATC instructions. Find other airports, anywhere in the world and although it may not get as busy, you’ll get some good traffic. Also, try to open only airports which have enough winds to ensure one end of the runways shows as red. The chance that pilots are willing to taxi/land on the green runways is a bit higher then.

And for yourself…you may be too young for IFATC, but nothing is stopping you to be the best ATC on Training Server. Watch the IFATC tutorials on YouTube, find out what an airport pattern is, learn about good ground control, pattern entry instructions, sequencing and clearance. It’s not rocket science, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you pick it up. There are many good ATC and pilot tutorials on this forum. Study them and bring them into practice. And when you get a bit further, open an ATC tracking thread, as mentioned earlier. These are great as you ask pilots to fly for you and give you feedback.

All the best and don’t forget: we’re here to help eachother 😊


Thank you for helping me! Yes, i train with my friends every Monday at LOWS and LOWI
(BTW rocket science is not that hard…)

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I’m sure it isn’t for people with an IQ of 300 😉😅

It’s nothing new or something I haven’t seen before so i don’t know so just listen to ATC and play professionaly

😂 My callsign…

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Yes, I got that 😊

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