Peoria Illinois flyout

Illinois. One of the most midwestern states you can think of when you think of the Midwest. Whenever you think of Illinois you probably think of Chicago or corn and some crops or… some other stuff. But when I think of Illinois I think of my hometown, Peoria. Peoria is a pretty nice city, but not as well known as others. This is why I want to do a quick flyout from this great city of Illinois, and put Peoria on the map.

See outside

Basic event rules

  1. Follow all ATC instructions (if there is ATC)
  2. If there is no ATC, then follow the METAR
  3. I am not responsible for any violations
  4. no trolling
  5. Have a fun time

Server: Expert

Airport: KPIA

Time: 2024-04-27T18:00:00Z2024-04-27T19:00:00Z

ATC: (let me know which ATC you want)

ATC Username
Ground @Abhijit_Sharma
ATIS @Abhijit_Sharma
Tower @Abhijit_Sharma

Gate Assignments: (let me know which gate you want)

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Username
3 American eagle CRJ200 Chicago Ohare @deltaoutofdca
4 United express CRJ200 Chicago Ohare @Random_avatitor
5 Alliegent A320 St Petersburg @whyevenbothernaming
6 Alliegent A320 Nashville @Butter575
8 American eagle CRJ900 Charlotte @MatsVerhoelst
9 American Eagle E175 Dallas Fort Worth @Shane_Brown
10 United express CRJ200 Chicago Ohare @danii
12 American eagle ERJ175 Dallas Fort Worth @MAviationYT
14 American eagle ERJ175 Dallas Fort Worth @Enrique14
GA Any C172 Scenic flight @oda
GA Any SR22 Scenic flight
Military Any DC10 tanker Training
Cargo UPS A330F Louisville
  • Going
  • Interested
  • Not Going
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Probably won’t come though.

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Then why sign up?

DISCLAIMER! You can fly anywhere with the general aviation planes

Great job shining some light to an underserved airport! I’ll fly from gate 5 for this one.

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Thank you so much. It is not a well known airport, but it’s a nice one

Only 4 days left guys. Sign up now!

Ill take this one

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Thanks @Random_avatitor your signed up

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Come on guys. Still a lot of spots left. Lets get some signups

This but to Nashville pls?

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You’re on the list

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3 Days left to sign up. get your spots now

Sign me up for ATC service

Which ones

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Flying another event prior and don’t think I’ll be landed in time otherwise I’d join. If I land in time I’ll jump in.

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Ok. Thx for letting me know

Ground tower and atis

Ok. You’re on the list

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Im taking the e175 to dallas

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