Peoria Flyout recap

I really, REALLY, want to thank all of the people that came to my first ever event, The Peoria Flyout. This was my first and very successful event and i wanted to recap the event. Here are some pictures of the Flyout:

I really appreciate all of the participants and i hope to see you in another event soon.

  • MAviationYT

Wish I could’ve come. I thought I was free, turns out I wasn’t.


It’s ok. You’re signed up for the Miami flyout of mine right?

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Yes. For DCA

You can come to that one then! Hope to see you in that one.

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I eoyed the flyout and i look forwarrd to join your events

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Thanks so much!

If you were part of this event then you might like these events if you haven’t already signed up:

Well, howdy there! Them sure are some mighty fine photos ya got there. Looks like one heck of a shindig (event) y’all had. Sure wish I coulda been there to join in the fun!


It’s ok. You’ll be able to join any of my events for many years to come!