People's "Oversea"-Flight

The shortest international flight:

They’ll start with a leased Embraer 145 but they want to use an own Embraer 170 when they get it next year.


Wow! Just wow!
8 mins is unbelievable! 😮😀

Good thing they’re only two flights daily, can’t imagine the frame lasting more than 3 years if they’re going at it with 10 flights a day.

Just realised that the plane must cruise at a very low altitude!

Nope, that’s different. Shortest international flight isn’t the same as the shortest commercial flight.


They are flying to Cologne after they have stopped at Friedrichshafen.

It probably doesn’t cruise at all. It probably takes off and climbs to a certain altitude to intercept the ILS and begins final descent to the runway.

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People’s Viennaline is awesome.
However, I do think that this flight is economically just as stupid as environmentally.


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